In Jiali Lu's 2018 Spring-Summer collection, the designer inspired by Jane Austen's classic novel "Pride And Prejudice” and the whole collection unpacked based on the research about that film. During the process, the designer explored the theme and the main character Elizabeth’s personality, as well as incorporating the womenswear and menswear style and culture from the nineteenth-century. In this collection, Jiali explored the tailoring techniques, pattern innovation and enhanced the silhouette in order to make the collection become stronger and fresher. Incorporating romantic period clothes style and the culture, the designer creates a contemporary collection of neutral and modern style with black and white color and mix texture, adding oriental aesthetic feeling and western elements to create a modern, independent, masculine, intelligent and brave neutral style.


Photographer: Muka 

Stylist: Wilona Wenzhuo Lin

Makeup: Marino Asahi

Hair: Shun 

Model: Lula Mac